Qigong conquers “informational” diseases that affect human brain and central nerves

Abstracts of Presentations

Medical Cases of Mental Disorders:
Borderline Personality Disorder, Anxiety Neurosis, Dementia, Autism,
Mental Retardation, Epilepsy, Chemical and Electrical Hypersensitivity

Daimei Aoshima(Japan)

Since 1976 when I started practicing therapeutic qigong, I have cured diseases that were once diagnosed as “incurable”, “solutions unknown”, or “better maintaining the status quo”.Why do people contract such diseases, and why can qigong beat them? That is because diseases relate to qi, the energy of human life.Qi of a “benign nature” is necessary to our health, but that of a “menacing nature” is not. Diseases and their symptoms could vary depending on the location and the category of the “menacing qi”. Besides, among diseases caused by the “menacing qi”, some are known as “evil sickness” which is part of “qi’s information” and brings harm to human body.For instance, the “menacing qi’s information” may cause cerebral palsy if it came through cerebellum; memory disorder and dementia if through memory section of cerebrum; autism and mental retardation if through analysis section; schizophrenia, anxiety neurosis, mania and depression if via emotion command section, and epilepsy if through life control section of the brain.

Qigong can heal symptoms afflicted by “Qi’s information”, and I wish to share this fact and expect it to bring, in fighting against diseases, more courage to people who lost hope at diagnosis of “reasons unknown”, “solutions not found” or “incurable”.

1. A female student, 21 years old then, who demonstrated multiple personalities and was diagnosed as borderline personality disorder or emotionally unstable personality disorder. (First treatment on May 19, 2005)

She was hospitalized after an attempted suicide. No cure could be found at hospital so doctors intended to send her to psychological counseling center, but since her personality was partially hereditary, any improvement, it was said, would take 10 years.

Things became worse after hospital checkout. She could barely even get up or tidy her own bedding. Often amnesiac, she was late at school and failed to submit homework on time. When she was warned, she blamed the other party for the problem and believed she was victimized. After she entered college, her physical conditions further deteriorated and headache aggravated, her days and nights were in reverse and she could not attend school at all.

Her multi-personality consists of characters of five to six people, she was not conscious of her actions, sometimes talked like a man, and when breaking up with her boyfriend, she even threatened to “make him kill himself.”

In June, after my qigong treatment, she was able to, as instructed, get up at 6:30AM five days a week and to attend school one to two days a week even though sometimes she was too weak and fell asleep as soon as she woke up. On July 20, she was able to go to school and take mid-term test. Now she lives alone, and can manage herself in work and life even though she feels depressed occasionally. There has not been a relapse of multi-personality disorder.

2. A high school senior, male, diagnosed as anxiety neurosis and panic disorder. (First treatment on March 31, 2004)

The boy used to be energetic, but since junior years in high school he could not stand mingling with a large crowd of people, and grew allergic to loud sound. Gradually he had illusions, that people around, for example when in a crowd or on a train, were watching him or talking about him, so seriously that his breath turned short and mind confused.

After the first therapy, he immediately felt refreshed. Then he started to receive regular treatment while enthusiastically practicing qigong himself. In summer he signed up a cram school and in the spring of the following year, he even passed the college test. He is a healthy college student now. The full treatment took almost a whole year.

The patient seemed to have been affected by the consecutive deaths of his grandparents and father. In addition, he was under heavy pressure as the only child in a rich family. The “menacing qi” throughout his house and the poor flow of qi in the building structure both inflicted an ominous impact.

3. A 72-year-old man, diagnosed as atrophy of cerebrum and dementia (First treatment on Feb 15,2006)

The worst time came when the patient did not remember what he did, where he was going and what he was out for. He could not recall his own address, nor could he write any word. He did not even remember the food he had a short while ago. His illusion was serious; he got out of bed at night and said he met a gigantic man and a kid who had actually died in the past. He could also wander out for a walk late at night. Whenever his wife is not with him, he would panic and go around looking for her, so she could barely leave him even for a few minutes.

In March 2006, a medical check showed that he had contracted brain atrophy and “the brain function is more likely to deteriorate than to improve”, as a doctor said.

With my treatment, along with the enduring daily practice of qigong for him by his wife, his conditions did improve and he could manage the qigong practice all by himself. To train his brain, I asked him to make some calculations. While he was unable to do any initially, he ended up doing faster than his wife in math multiplication and division. His memory also improved and he was able to recall and describe what happened the day earlier and to capture it in his diary. He can carry a normal conversation now and also try some humor at the right timing. These days, even his wife is out, he does not panic anymore.

While the latest medical check did not show change in brain atrophy itself, it did verify the rehabilitation of blood vessels in the head. The doctor commented that “the improvement was significant”.

4. A kindergarten kid, 4 years old, diagnosed as medium level autism. (First treatment on February 13, 2005)

In November 2004 (when he was 3 years and 9 months old), the boy was diagnosed as “medium level autism” at the pediatrics of his prefecture’s central hospital. The psychiatrist there concluded that his illness will “never be cured, nor will it get any better even if he tried”.

Before the qigong treatment, he had no response to other people’s calling, and did not look at people’s eyes including those of his parents. He was able to detect no more than 5 sounds that are close to crying. In the four years after he was born, he could not communicate with people, and even defecated outside the house, in the bathtub, or places other than restroom.

After two treatments, he was able to tell the names of train stops when hearing broadcasts and reading station names aboard. By April, he had remembered all the station names that he passed through on the way to my qigong academy. He could also stutter words on some advertisement boards he saw like “Suzuki Store”. In June, he could speak out like “stop it” or “it hurts” to respond to a situation. His head looked better now with the prior rugged portion on it almost disappeared. In July, he began to say “happy” when having fun and, in August which is six months after the first treatment, he was able to greet people, express what he wanted, read books and draw pictures. He knew where to go to discharge and could go to bed and get up, doing the dressing and undressing all by himself ? a remarkable progress.

An intelligence test by a psychiatrist in March 2006 showed he was 4 years and 1 month old, or one year behind his real age.

In April, he played like a normal kid in kindergarten, and sometimes could argue with his peers. He was able to say “the cherry is lovely” and to compliment young ladies with “you look pretty”. He wrote the Chinese character “car” by himself, and could read quite a few others in one day. In June, he remembered more and was able to write on 20 pages in 5 minutes. In September, he started to help segregating trash into “flammable”, “inflammable” and placing it outside the house himself.

In August, a PEP test (on education) was taken at a private nursing facility, and the results showed that he was mentally normal and in parallel with his peers on five items and one year behind them on three. The general conclusion was that his mental development is almost commensurate with his actual age, and his language and reading capability was as high as an eleven-year old.

In February 2007, he could play word games with himself, reading and taking in cards.
In March, upon consultation with city education committee, he enrolled a special class in primary school, and was once an MC at a general meeting for his class. He could read quietly for 30 minutes, talk with teachers at ease and follow their instructions. He was having a great time at school.

His father exclaimed: “Even though there is no change in education methodology, the kid has made tremendous progress without any difficulty. Healing this medium level autism is a true miracle. ”

5. A 9-year-old girl diagnosed as epilepsy and mental retardation. (First treatment on March 20, 2004)

She is way behind her peers in mental development, and doctors said that “mental retardation could not be cured”. At age 7, she had sudden body cramps, was tested to have “epileptic wave” in her brain and diagnosed as childhood epilepsy.

At the first treatment, I felt that she was affected by the unfortunate happenings of relatives in her embryo stage or childhood. Her mother admitted that many mishaps did happen during that time.

She used to feel sluggish after getting up and was slow in getting dressed. But when awaking on the second day of treatment, she was highly spirited and could quickly put on clothes. On March 25, 5 days after, the medical check on brain waves indicated that the “epileptic wave” was gone. No recurrence was ever heard thereafter.

From then, she gradually became descriptive, sometime even talkative, and was able to dialogue with friends instead of just a nodding yes as before.

Three years after, she did math much better than she could in the past. She could barely wait to show me her 100 scores on both math and Japanese tests when she came to my academy.

6. A 62-year-old woman diagnosed as chemical hypersensitivity. (First treatment on March 23, 2007)

This happened in May 2005. Termiticides was sprayed around when her new house was under construction. She passed out for 3 days after inhaling it and it took her two weeks to recover. As soon as she moved into the new house, she realized she had the sick house syndrome. She became sensitive to various smells, and succumbed to headaches, nauseas and breathing difficulty. In the past, she was allergic to antibiotics and contrast media, so multiple doctors have warned her that she should be careful due to her susceptibility to sick house syndrome. So she immediately removed things that she was allergic to, threw away all furniture, and only kept the bed in her room.

With termiticides being washed away, she felt less dizziness and headaches. Still she had to leave windows open everyday regardless of summer or winter. Ventilators and electric fans were turned to “strong” to maintain a constant air flow. Due to her skin sensitivity, she always wore at home a mask, a hat and a long-sleeve shirt. Life for her was unbearably tough especially in the initial eighteen months.

A specialized university hospital prescribed some antidotes and put her on a drip. Also the enzyme and supplements she took helped her conditions improve little by little. Later, she became gradually accustomed to the environment without removing chemical substances, grew stronger step by step, and returned to the normal life.

In February 2007, however, when she was going through a three-hour TV interview on allergy, her previous reaction recurred at the flavor of the detergents the photographer used. What was worse, even bathroom tissues could make her allergic.

After my first qigong treatment, she did not smell anything nor had she any reactions on the spot. For the four days she was home, she still experienced some breathing difficulty, fatigue, and leg muscle sores, but felt comfortable starting from the fifth day. On the sixth day she had the second treatment, again the situation was like that of the first time. But one week after the third treatment, though with some fatigue the next day, she walked through the sales floor of detergents in a super market and “did not smell anything”. In other days, even though she felt a little uneasy, she was still able to manage it by practicing qigong on the spot. She had tried quite a few sales floors since then and did not have any reactions at all.

By qigong treatment, she restored her comfort at chemical smells, paint, and cigarette smoke that she used to be allergic to. Now she lives a normal life without any reactions, and practices qigong everyday.

I think that the potential sickness had existed before she contracted the syndrome. The combination of her knowledge and the stimulation of termiciticides rendered her incapable of dealing with chemical substances, and therefore worsened her conditions.

7. A 53-year-old woman of electrical and chemical hypersensitivity. (First treatment on May 21, 2007)
In 1995-1997, a mobile phone antenna was built near her residence, her health conditions began to change. In 1998, she started nursing her mother at home but her headache persisted thereafter. Though her conditions improved a little in 2001 after moving home, her fatigue and menopausal disorder worsened her electrical hypersensitivity. Whenever she was close to electronics and electrical wave, she felt highly disturbed all over her body. In 2004, food allergy happened. In 2005, her neighbor bought a new refrigerator which also triggered her allergy. She moved again but the high voltage power cable close to her home let her conditions deteriorate. Her face began to swell, voice weak and breathing difficult, so she moved one more time. Unfortunately, a plant is located 150 meters away from her new home, and the machines when in operation generated electrical wave that still put her in pain. In May 2006, she moved to where she lives now, pulled out the electric pole in the garden, unplugged TV power cable, turned off all electric brakes, living in complete dark at night. But still she is allergic to smells and had short breathes. A rainy day, a harvest season, a 100-meter away house renovation using cedar wood, or a 80-meter away house construction all afflicted pains. She could not live without a three-layer mask made exclusively for chemical hypersensitive people, 24 hours a day. Winter’s cold air also caused breathing difficulty. The washing machine and rice cooker led to allergic reaction, too, so she was unable to do any housework. Her husband had to retire to take care of her at home. She could not touch even a wired telephone or heater, nor could she go to hospital. To stay away from exhaust fume, she shut the sliding doors, and sealed the windows with thick plastic sheet for 8 months. Her life in the past twelve months was particularly painful.

With one qigong treatment at her home, she no longer needed the mask. Discomfort to smells of exhaust fume, pesticides and paper money had largely diminished, and no reaction was seen to a power-on cell phone or TV set.

Since then, even if she felt a little uneasy, she could still manage herself by practicing qigong. Before the treatment, her husband had to cook outside the house due to her hypersensitivity to burning gas. Now she can use the electric rice cooker in the kitchen and prepare food by herself. Food allergy is significantly less frequent as well.

She wrote me the next day: “This came to me like a blink of an eye. I thought nothing would change the next morning, but now I am sure the sickness is gone. Thank you.” She also kept contacting us later, letting us know that she was still in good condition and had “no living problem at all”. “Incredible!” she kept saying.

I think that her hypersensitivity to electrical wave, chemical substances and even food was due to her fatigue in nursing at home combined with the “menacing qi” of sickness, which left her no power to control herself.

With qigong, I have treated other cases of mental disorder, like autonomic ataxia, schizophrenia, melancholia, suicidal desire, and depressive neurosis, all of which have shown improvement.

In dealing with “informational” diseases related to brain and central nerves, we can consider therapy in the following three ways:

1. Information of the menacing qi: The information of the menacing qi can be taken from outside via acupuncture point, or visual and audio senses. If man processes it in a wrong manner based on accumulated knowledge, the “information” can be intense and create sickness. Our treatment focuses on changing the “information”, deleting it or instilling stronger “qi” to replace it. It is also necessary for patients to learn how to defend themselves from the “menacing qi’s information” and how to process it so that it will not build up.

2. Qi: The “menacing qi” (that contradicts the balance of Yin and Yang) in living environment can sneak into human body and cause disease at time of fatigue and weak control. It is necessary to stay away from water in south and the “menacing qi” of sickness, and to practice qigong in places of “benign qi” that balance Yin and Yang so that “qi” is absorbed right.

3. Meridian: The energy flow of life can be stopped and sickness generated due to various reasons like the “menacing qi”, its information and physical pressure. If pain killers or stabilizers are used in therapy, the side effect can often lock the meridian and worsen patients’ conditions. It is necessary to apply the “benign qi” so that it can open the meridian in hands and feet, let the life energy flow around the head and Chou-Tien, instill qi into kidney for protection, and raise the body’s ability to process the “menacing qi” and its information.

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