[WORLD MEDICAL QIGONG QUARTERLY 1999.11 (No.8,9) Daimei Aoshima(Japan)]

In terms of the Wild Goose Qigong first I have to say a few words about how I started qigong practice.

In 1971 I suffered from hyperosteogeny between the first metacarpal bone and thumb, causing much trouble to me in life. The hospitals I went to told me to have surgery only . In 1976 accidentally in a park I met a qigong massage master Jia Yongbin, who gave me a treatment only
for a few minutes and my long suffering was gone. Since then I knew qigong was excellent and I started to learn it from him. With passing of time I learned some theories of Chinese medicine and knew “block causes pain”.”Block” doesn’t only mean impeded circulation of blood, but some disturbances in the vital organs. Qigong massage can treat hyperosteogeny, constipation, rhinitis, tinnitus,facial paralysis and so on.

In 1980 I haeard diseases could be treated by emitted qi. Then I met Yang Meijun and learned the Wild Goose Qigong with her.

In 1982 I went to Japan and continued my qigong career. I analyzed some difficult cases, such as liver diseases, thrombosis, mental disorders, cancer, hyperosteogeny, tinnitus, hysteria, hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes. The Wild Goose Qigong is also under study. Moreover, with my teacher Huang Maoxiang I have spared no effort to remove the sufferings of my patients.

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