Miracles of Qigong Therapy

THE Second Meeting of the Fifth Council and Eighth World Medical Qigong Conference of the WASMQ
Abstracts of presentation

Miracles of Qigong Therapy

Daimei Aoshima (Japan) March 31, 2014


For a long time, I have witnessed various Qigong masters’ magical capabilities, and have become fascinated with the miracles that Qigong created including the ones of my own. That’s why I have been learning, studying and practicing Qigong myself for the past 30 years.

My first experience with Qigong relates to my phalanx hernia, that even well-known doctors had diagnosed as “incurable” but Master Jia Yongbin had cured in just a few minutes. This I always remember and feel grateful for.

Mr. Yang Meijun, a Wild Goose Qigong Master, is gifted in multiple capabilities such as sensory perception and healing “incurable” diseases. Had I not met Master Yang, I would not have been so determined in and faithful for Qigong.

Obstinate diseases, esp. those coming from information, cannot easily be tackled by working on qi and meridian alone. Knowing Master Huang Maoxiang whose Theurgy (incantation) proved superbly effective broadens my vision on Qigong.

Since childhood, I always find legendary people fascinating. For example, legends from Lao Tsu’s Taoism, Mercy Goddess from Buddhism, and Jesus Christ from Christianity. I sincerely hope that such characters do exist in reality.

Masters Jia, Yang and Huang are all legendary characters, and their existence indicates that ancestry miracles were factually true. They should be our role models – the direction that we must all work hard for.

It is a great pleasure to be able to learn from predecessors’ teachings and to experience miracles of Qigong.

The following cases are part of my experience of Qigong miracles so far. They all attest to Qigong’s fundamental theory of “Circulation out, pains in” (Sickness comes out of disconnected Qi among linked body components that include nerves, blood vessels, lymph nodes, muscles, bones, etc., all of which are controlled via meridian channels). Meridians, when affected by unbalanced Qi among body organs and tissues, or by Qi’s information or physical pressure incompatible with human body, would go disconnected and cause sickness.

As long as we can discern causes of sickness, apply right pressures and control Qi’s information, we should be able to adjust Qi’s balance between body organs and tissues, clear out meridians, and cure diseases.

Case Reports

1. A 12-year-old girl.
She once had a brain tumor (cancer) surgery, but some cancer cells were still left inside, rendering her in a coma in the ensuing seven months. Her left eye’s pupil stayed wide open while the right one kept closed all the time.

3 months after my Qigong therapy, the cancer cells were all gone, and 7 months later she was able to talk, walk and live like a normal person.

2. A 38-year-old nurse.
After a signet ring cell (stomach) cancer surgery, cancer cells migrated to the brain, grew into a brain tumor and disturbed her reflexes, causing frequent epilepsy. In the worst case, it happened once every two days.

She started to practice Qigong conscientiously while receiving my Qigong therapy. The symptom stopped three days later, the brain tumor shrank in two months and vanished in 12 months.

She has now resumed her previous job as a nurse.

3. A 26-year-old woman.
A patient of Recklinghausen’s disease (neurofibromatosis I), a Japan intractable disease. She was bed-ridden. Arms and legs were almost numb, neck was tweaked leftward, and pain spread across the whole body. Only eyes and fingers were able to move. Tumors were found in her spinal cord, cervical and thoracic vertebras as well as in nerves of brain stems. She could barely eat anything other than porridge. Doctors’ diagnose was “incurable”.

So sad to see her like this, her mother wished to die together. But she chose to live.

With conscientious experiment of Qigong therapy, she soon found that her arms and legs were finally able to move again, and three months later, even able to walk alone. Since then she found a job and has been enjoying a normal life.

4. A 4-year-old boy.
Diagnosed as “moderate autism”, he has difficulties in communicating with people, and doctor-in-charge affirmed that the symptom “would not be cured in his lifetime”.

However, he kept steady practice of Qigong and was diagnosed three years later as “No abnormalities are found” in a hospital test. He was even able to study in classroom and get full grades on all subjects in both primary and middle schools. Communication with people is no longer an issue either. He is living a normal life now.

5. A 12-year-old boy.
Diagnosed as autism and severe mental retardation, he could only parrot words of others.

One month after my Qigong therapy, he could run his first errand. Two days later, he could mutter his own initial three words to his language instructor. Three days later, he was able to proactively talk, and answer the instructor’s questions. Into the 5th year of the Qigong therapy, he was already capable of writing his own feelings.

6. A 9-year-old girl.
Diagnosed as Epilepsy and Mental Retardation. Her doctor concluded that mental retardation was “incurable”.

Five days after my Qigong therapy, her test results in hospital showed NO detection of previous abnormal brain wave (epileptic wave). Since then, she was able to express herself and communicate with friends. 3 years later, she even grew skilled in arithmetic, a subject that she used to have difficulty with, and managed both math and language well with full grades in school.

7. A 72-year-old man.
Diagnosed as dementia along with encephalatrophy. In the worst case, he could not recall the names of his wife and daughter, or what he just had for meal. Doctor identified his brain atrophy, and said, “It would not change for the better.”

With my Qigong therapy, his symptom showed some gradual improvement. He recovered his memory in 12 months and was able to engage in conversation and laughter. His doctor-in-charge also commented that, “blood vessels near the brain are growing again”.

8. A 71-year-old woman.
She kept hearing voices of her deceased husband and mother-in-law all day long, and was once given shelter by the police after wandering outside and losing her way home.

6 months after my Qigong therapy, she had mostly recovered and was able to travel alone.

For 18 years since then, she has been living a healthy life without any symptom recrudescence.

9. A 44-year-old woman.
Spouse of a Japanese Diet Member. On a summer day, she had a sudden whim of “not wishing to live any more”.

I applied Qigong therapy via telephone while managing to understand her Qi’s information. I asked her, “Have you recently dreamed about death of anyone close?” She responded a quick yes, and confided that her friend killed herself on railway a few years ago.

With my Qigong Theurgy, her idea of “wishing to die” had vanished right away.

10. A 49-year-old man.
He had contracted Manic Depression for 25 years, and had been taking 50 pills of medication each day for 15 years.

13 months after the start of Qigong therapy, he no longer needed to take any. Now he has a job in health care industry.

10. A 49-year-old man.
He had contracted Manic Depression for 25 years, and had been taking 50 pills of medication each day for 15 years.

13 months after the start of Qigong therapy, he no longer needed to take any. Now he has a job in health care industry.

11. A 42-years-old woman.
Bed-ridden for 4 months, she could barely walk even if she could manage to stand. Having consulted various doctors who failed to identify the cause, she came to my Institute, on a wheelchair.

Upon my first Qigong therapy, she was able to WALK!, JUMP! and even RUN! ? her accomplishment for the first time in four months.

12. A 40-year-old woman.
Patient of severe chemical substance anaphylaxis, and electromagnetic wave anaphylaxis.

She would react even to a telephone machine or a slight amount of paint on a pencil. Doctor of a specialty hospital suggested that she might find it comfortable to live and work in an organic agricultural region.

With my Qigong therapy, she no longer reacted to chemical substances like a phone machine.

A pupillary reaction test on central nerve system showed a “97% normal reaction level”. 15 months later, thanks to her persistent Qigong practice, she earned a test result of “no more anaphylaxis”.

13. A 21-year-old woman.
Patient of chemical substance anaphylaxis, reactive to light, sound, and smell of printed materials and detergents.

Blindfolded, sun-glassed, and double-layer masked, she followed her parents hand in hand to my Institute.

With only one time Qigong therapy, she was able to take off the blindfold and feel fine without it. Later, she could walk to school and live a normal life as her peers.

* There are tens of other cases on chemical substance anaphylaxis and electromagnetic wave anaphylaxis where symptoms also totally vanished.

14. A 45-year-old man.
He fell off at home, and I applied via phone an immediate, remote-controlled treatment. In no time, the symptom was gone and he was able to stand up.   Earlier he was diagnosed in hospital as “subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH)” and “must have a surgery”. His family declined the hospital’s idea and insisted on Qigong therapy.

After 24 days of Qigong treatment, he was discharged from hospital with no prognostic symptoms, and was able to resume his work two months later.

15. A 40-year-old man.
While carrying a heavy object at work, he heard a loud cracking sound and was taken to hospital in an ambulance.

He was diagnosed as brain stem hemorrhage. His mind was barely conscious and the body’s right side went numb. Right hand lost most of its gripping strength, and right leg was unable to make a move. Face looked deformed, and the left eye was too numb to open.

Upon my initial Qigong therapy, both eyes opened, and the numbed hand, leg and facial deformation all showed improvement. A CT (computed tomography) check-up four days later proved that hemorrhage had stopped. With a second therapy, he was able to walk alone.

Two months later, he left hospital and resumed his work. He lives a happy life now.

16. An 82-year-old woman.
She felt groggy one day and was taken to hospital in an ambulance. Right arm and leg were unable to move, and she could not talk either. The diagnosis was cerebral infarction.

Given her obnubilation inside the ambulance and in the hospital, I applied via phone a remote controlled Qigong treatment. Soon her family told me that she had regained her consciousness and could indicate OK with hand.

Five days later I carried out another therapy in hospital, after which she started talking, with facial deformation all gone. She was then discharged from hospital.

Then she came on a wheelchair to my Institute to continue the therapy. A Qigong treatment of only two months magically resuscitated her both legs for a solid walk ? no more wheelchair for her!

17. A 64-year-old woman.
Due to her cerebral infarction, the right upper arm and the right lower limb were left paralyzed.

She tried a few treatments in hospitals, but had not seen any full recovery. “The right hand has returned to the previous state,” said she.

One month after receiving my Qigong therapy, she was able to resume a normal life. She could walk like everyone and was even able to use chopsticks on right hand to pick up beans. One year later, a physical therapeutic test proved that her paralysis already improved 97%.

Eight years have passed since her reception of Qigong treatment, she now lives a healthy live, with no issues at all.

18. A 56-year-old woman.
Her mother and uncle both died of spinocerebellar atrophy, a hereditary disease, also known as Machado Joseph disease – a Japan intractable disease. She could not walk with her back straight, and would surely wobble or tumble if she did. If standing on one leg, she would not hold for a second.

Upon my Qigong therapy, she stood on one leg for more than 10 counts. She could also run, or even jump rope for up to 20 times. Her wobbling walk issue has almost vanished as well.

More than five years have passed since her inception of Qigong treatment, she is still in good health today.

19. A 31-year-old man.
Multiple sclerosis, a Japan intractable disease, left his hand and lower limb numb and bloated. He came to my Institute on crutches.

After receiving Qigong treatment, he found it much easier to make steps. For three months since then, he could walk without crutches, and resumed the work he once quit.

Four years and eight months since the inception of Qigong therapy, he had an MRI inspection where doctor diagnosed as “lesions not found”.

20. A 15-year-old boy.
Two years and eight months ago, his forehead was hard-hit, causing pain of visual nerves and loss of whole sight in the right eye – a traumatic visual neurosis disease.

He consulted a few ophthalmologists, but they all diagnosed his case as “incurable”.

The first Qigong treatment already let him feel the light, and the third one was able to make him recognize texts and colors. His visual scope grew broadened with each treatment, and on the fourth month he was able to fluently read the tiny letters on the back of a debit card.

21. A 15-year-old boy.
Four years and four months ago, the boy dashed out on a bicycle, but ran into a telephone pole and lost both eyes’ vision – a traumatic visual neurosis disease.

The first Qigong treatment let him sense the light. Since then, his vision slowly turned whitish, while earlier he could only sense light in a dark place.

After four months, he could manage to differentiate light colors like yellow and pink. After 17 months, his eyes were already able to move around when I waved to him.

He later graduated with honor from a medical university, passed a national qualification test for medical license.

* There was one more case on improvement over traumatic visual neurosis disease.

22. A 45-year-old woman.
She had sensorineural hearing impairment. Due to a high fever from pneumonia seven months after birth, she completely lost the left ear hearing. Doctor said there was no cure.

Upon my first Qigong treatment of the ear, she was already able to hear. While a medical check found her left ear “deaf” 18 months ago, her new test result turned out to be “capable of hearing”, a diagnose after her 4th Qigong treatment in just one month.

You can imagine how happy she was to have regained the left hearing lost for more than 40 years!

23. A 43-year-old woman.
Musician. Three months ago her right ear started to get tinnitus, and soon she heard a rumbling sound from outside like a thunder. Later she felt the delaying gap in hearing music intervals between left and right ears, and that her inherent sense of absolute pitch was also gone.

After one and a half months of my Qigong therapy, the rumbling sound vanished, and her lost sense of absolute pitch was found.

She once had an issue of vocalizing high pitch due to a surgical removal of her vocal cord polypus. Again, with my Qigong therapy, she has regained her clear high pitch and had a new album recorded.

24. A 44-year-old woman.
Diagnosed as deaf at a health check-up 16 years ago. While she had been seeing doctors for a cure, the hearing ability showed no signs of recovery. In addition, discomfort around ears had also persisted for five months, but doctors deemed it “incurable”.

My first Qigong treatment had already eliminated her ears’ discomfort. With one year of therapy, her hearing test resulted in “normal level”, which ended her 16 years of hearing impairment.

25. A 64-year-old man. Veterinarian.
Two months ago, he found a tumor on the neck. A hospital checkup ended up with a diagnose of malignant lymphoma – follicular non-Hodgkin lymphoma stage IV, which was migrating into neck, spleen, groin (inguinal part) lymph node.
Treatment with anticancer drugs failed to be effective. Since the spread speed was high, his possibility of surviving in the next six months was thought to be 40%.

The day after my initial Qigong therapy, he did a lymphoma test again in hospital and found that the previously egg-like tumor had shrunk into a bean size. The blood test result convinced the doctor that the patient “would be fine without another reservation”.

Three months after my Qigong therapy, doctor commented that the patient’s tumor marker value had dropped to a standard level because “the lymphoma disappeared”.

Now he has resumed his previous job as a veterinarian.

26. A 46-year-old woman.
A duck bone stuck into her throat at a dinner party and laterally pierced her esophagus, causing severe pain and profuse bleeding.

With my prompt Qigong Theurgy treatment, her pain immediately vanished, and the bone in throat disappeared. After that, she just kept eating at the table. She later went for a hospital checkup, but still could not find any bones.

More than 10 people watched this happen, including waitresses at the restaurant.

27. A 62-year-old man.
His face was always tweaked leftward, and the neck congenitally tilted, unable to turn right. Even if it could be forcibly pulled right by hand, it would still spring back as soon as the hands were let go.

Thanks to multiple Qigong treatments, his neck was able to gradually turn right and return to its normal position.

28. A 4-year-old girl.
Right pulmonary arterial pulse deficit.

Due to the little blood flow in the right lung, running with full strength often rendered her incapacitated due to oxygen shortage. Even climbing staircase would leave her breathless. Doctor said, “the only option will be a surgery to connect the artery with her right lung. But as she grows up, there can be multiple surgeries.”

After the first Qigong treatment, she had no issue any more with walking up staircase. In addition, she kept exercising Qigong, and grew comfortable in doing sports. In school, she can now participate in all sports without any issues.

More than five years have passed since her inception of Qigong treatment, she is still in good health today.

29. A 68-year-old woman.
Diagnosed by a university hospital as primary pulmonary hypertension, a Japan intractable disease, she was hospitalized for drug and oxygen therapies. Family members were once told “her remaining days would be two and half years.” Because of asthma, she came to my Institute with a portable oxygen cylinder.

After the Qigong therapy, she felt light-footed and could go without oxygen cylinder for one and half hours.

Her oxygen saturation has surged to 98-99% now from 85% when in hospital. Since her Qigong practice, saturation has never gone below 90%, and symptoms like palpitation and asthma have been remarkably relieved.

Pulmonary arterial pressure has also improved, whereas her doctor once said that “(pulmonary arterial pressure was) difficult to drop”.

30. A 58-year-old woman.
About 6 months ago, she felt too exhausted to even walk up to the 2nd floor. She went to hospital for a checkup. Diagnose as asystole, or heart failure, she became hospitalized on the same day and stayed there for two weeks, but without much improvement.

Upon the first Qigong therapy, she grew light-spirited, and felt comfortable walking up and down stairs at a train station. A hospital checkup the next day showed a result of “no abnormality found”.

31. A 68-year-old woman.
Due to a broken inner wall layer of aorta, blood flowed in between layers, forcing the layers apart and causing aortic dissection. In addition, she had claustrophobia, acrophobia, and high blood pressure.

With my first Qigong therapy, claustrophobia and acrophobia were brought under control.  Thanks to her persistence in Qigong treatment once per month, a medical checkup a few months later showed that the broken inner layer of blood vessels had already recovered and the aneurysm disappeared later as well.

32. A 73-year-old man.
Since two years ago, he became unable to walk for more than 15 minutes due to the calf ache. A hospital’s cardiac surgery department identified arteriosclerosis obliterans in his lower right abdomen and right thigh, and recommended a surgery.

Upon his first time Qigong treatment, he could briskly walk to a nearby train station. The ensuing six consecutive treatments enabled him to walk longer without any pain any more.

12 years have passed without recrudescence.

33. A 37-year-old woman.
Four months earlier, a tumor was found in her left breast, and hospital’s diagnose was noninvasive breast cancer. Ablation and radioactive therapy were proposed.

Instead of following the recommendation, she chose to only go to hospital for periodic checks. In the meantime, she started practicing Qigong herself.

For the initial three months of her practicing, she received Qigong therapy once a week. Five months later, her echocardiographic test result indicated (that the tumor was) “shrinking”, and an MRI test of eight months later showed that “the tumor might have vanished”.

34. A 41-year-old woman.
Before menstruation, she often felt bloated in her left breast. Doctor diagnosed adenofibrome of breast at cytodiagnosis class III, and commented “it would be better to remove it if it looked suspicious”.

However, she had agreed with her doctor that she would keep watching for some time.

She received Qigong therapy twice. Six days later, at a medical checkup, her doctor commented that “there was absolutely a tumor before, but I cannot see any today”, which meant that the 6mm diameter tumor found at last examination had disappeared.

35. A 60-year-old woman. (Shandong, China.)
Diagnosed as gastric cancer. She had tried multiple hospitals and treatments, but nothing worked out.

I applied via phone a remote controlled Qigong therapy, and mailed her my Qigong water that incorporated benign Qi so that she could practice Qigong on her own.

One and a half months later, the gastric cancer that was 5.8 x 5.8cm large shrank to 1.1 x 1.1 cm. Two weeks later, it was completely gone.

36. A 32-year-old woman.
Diagnosed as ulcerative colitis, a Japan intractable disease. She has been trying various treatments, but without any improvement.

I applied via phone a remote controlled Qigong therapy, and her abdominal pain was gone. Two days later at an intestinal canal test, her previous inflammation inside the colonic mucous membrane dissipated as well.

11 years have passed since then, no recurrence is known as of today.

37. A 85-year-old man.
Nine months earlier, cancers were identified in multiple locations inside his liver. Doctor said that he had lost agility due to fatigue, and “without treatment his remaining days could approximately be around three months”.

While he had been treated in hospital and the cancers did look cured for some time, they eventually recurred in the same locations. Therefore he was determined to stick to Qigong therapy.

In three months of Qigong treatment, his health conditions steadily improved to the extent that he was able to ride bicycles.

Two years and eight months later, a test result showed no worsening of the cancer at all. His doctor was amazed.

Eight years have passed since the beginning of Qigong treatment, he is still in good health.

38. A 46-year-old woman.
Diagnosed as refractory-hepatitis-induced liver cirrhosis. She could easily become exhausted for only half-day work.

She started Qigong treatment once every two months, and kept practicing Qigong in the meantime with uttermost effort. Thanks to her persistence, she was able to energetically work for a whole day. Six months later, all indicators of her liver cirrhosis test had returned to normal.

39. A 40-year-old woman.
Seven years of medical treatment of infertility left her exhausted and bed-ridden for another seven years. Severe pain often made it impossible for her to go asleep at night. She had to use crutches to come to my Institute.

After the first Qigong therapy, her body stiffness and numbness significantly ameliorated. Legs were able to move as well. Thanks to Qigong treatment, her life went back to normal in four short months. Seven months after, she even became pregnant and later gave natural birth to a healthy child.

40. A 47-year-old woman.
Despite her long time treatment of infertility and artificial insemination, she was still unable to get pregnant. Doctor said, “Ovum does not fertilize anymore, and we might as well face it.” In addition, she had a surgery of breast cancer three years ago when she was 44 years old.

She actually came to my Institute for tinnitus, and only mentioned her infertility issue in the meantime.

Two months after having received my Qigong therapy, she became pregnant.

Given her first birth-giving at such a high age, doctor said it would be difficult to maintain the health conditions of both mother and child. Still she kept practicing Qigong wholeheartedly, and finally gave birth to healthy twin girls at age 48.

41. A 9-year-old boy.
Abnormality was detected at a urine test in school. He had renal agenesis due to a high fever in childhood. Precision inspection showed his left kidney was 4cm wide and the right one 6cm (while his peers’ average was 8cm).

The diagnose was renal hypoplasia, and doctor said, “it would not grow bigger. If in the future kidney fails to function, or over-burdened, it may be better to do hemodialysis or kidney transplant.”

One month after diagnose, he started receiving my Qigong therapy. One year later, his ultrasonography showed that left/right kidneys were 7.4cm/6.72cm. The next examination resulted in left as 6.26cm and right as 6.95cm. Despite some discrepancy between the two examinations, it is certain that his kidneys had grown larger.

42. A 45-year-old man.
He felt drastic pain one day and realized after a hospital checkup that he had a stone of 6mm in the right kidney. However, he preferred Qigong therapy to a treatment in hospital.

After my stone-shattering Qigong treatment, his pain was immediately relieved. Two days later, one stone was removed, and so was another one the next day, and so were another two the day after next, therefore altogether four stones were cleared away.

43. A 16-year-old woman.
She succumbed to spinal disc herniation. In spite of various treatments, nothing seemed to have worked out.

With three-time Qigong therapy in two months, the disease was cured after which she resumed her judo sport. Two months later, she won the championship in a prefecture-wide contest. Three months later, she snapped a second place in a national sports game. Six months after, another second place in an international competition, and ten months later the gold medal in a global junior judo tournament.

44. A 19-year-old woman.
With abnormality found at a health checkup in middle school, she was diagnosed as scoliosis with unknown causes. However a plastic surgery she went through stopped her height growth, after which her doctor suggested further operations.

At the first Qigong treatment, no sooner did I transmit the Qi into her waist, than her lower back pain vanished, whereas the back ached before even when she flatly lied in bed.

Since then, she kept practicing Qigong every day. In combination with my therapy for three times, her vertebra was finally pulled back straight.

45. A 60-year-old man.
For a long time, due to the pain of calcaneal spur induced from plantar fasciitis, he has been only able to drag his feet in walking.

At the first Qigong therapy, as soon as I cleared his meridian channels wide open, his foot spurted out a stream of malodor, so offensive and sickening that it made people around feel like vomiting.

After the treatment, he was able to walk home like an ordinary person.

46. A 24-year-old man.
One month ago, he had a dislocated right foot thumb, with bones thrusting out of the fracture, and was given an 8-stitch treatment. In addition to his distending and aching lower back, laying body weight on the toe, would also add to the pain. So he could not lean or bend forward, nor could he stretch out his osseous junction. His cervical spondylosis also hurt, and had been numbing his neck up to his arms for the past six years since his high school days. He even developed hypochondria back then.

Upon the first Qigong therapy, his lower back’s distending and aching symptoms were both cured, and his injured right toe no longer felt the pain even when touching the ground. Osseous junction could be pulled wider, and numbness in neck and shoulders also disappeared. 11 days later, he received a second Qigong treatment.

One month after his first Qigong therapy, he won the gold medal of 100kg-category Judo at the Olympic Games.


I believe the above-mentioned Qigong miracles would not be possible without the wholehearted efforts by everyone involved.

Many subjects in modern sciences are still unknown or far from well known.

While researches on ultraviolet rays, infrared lights, electromagnetic waves and radiation are being done, very few have fully solved the mystery of what impact the Qi, life energy, has brought to life.

I sincerely hope that members of World Academic Society of Medical Qigong would save more lives via therapies and work closer with scientists around the world to create a more holistic Qigong science for human progress.

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