The Right Principles –Fundamentals to Medical Treatment by Daimei Aoshima

The Right Principles –

Fundamentals to Medical Treatment

Daimei Aoshima

1. Prologue

I have given Qigong and theurgetic therapy to numerous patients so far, and the results are remarkable for some but less so for others.

The difference lies in “whether the effort was made right or not”. It is necessary to make the right effort with the right principles. So what are they?

2. No Positive Thinking

Generally speaking, positive attitude is welcome, but it would be problematic if we try to interpret everything in a positive way.

For example, even though a failed remedy has worsened a medical situation, a positive attitude would think that the unfortunate condition is only temporary and the situation will eventually improve”, which is blind optimism that ignores the reality and fails to redress the situation.

In the Chinese Book of Han, there is “shi shi qiu shi”, a term that means “to seek truth from facts”. It tells people “to face the right and wrong, and make decisions based on the truth”. Irrelevant to positive or negative nature, thinking leads to decision that must be made based on facts. Thinking is to find out and compare facts and make an assessment.

So what is the guideline for such assessment?

3. The Doctrine of Heaven, Earth and Humans

This guideline came from “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine”, or Huangdi Neijing.

3.1. Heaven

What is Heaven? It refers to the solar time. While Heaven is associated with astronomical objects or outer space, what is important is the relationship between astronomical objects and humans changes around the clock.

From the sunrise to the sunset to the whole night, human bodies are impacted by the Sun and the Moon at respective time hours.

The qi ascends from midnight to noon, and descends from noon till midnight. It is important that we match our actions to such timing characteristics.

The idea of “Heaven” is also incorporated in my theurgy application for more effective use of time. It is considered that the time for applying theurgy comes from 9:00 to 21:00 and the time for practicing magic goes from 21:00 to 9:00. If practice is done at time for magic, it turns magical and becomes hard to control. That is why qigong practice should be performed at time for theurgy.

During the time for theurgy, the ascending qi goes fast in the morning, which could be difficult to manage, but in the afternoon the qi’s flow comes off slower, thus easier to control. That is why theurgy is usually done in the afternoon.

However, depending on specific medical conditions, theurgy can also be applied in the morning. If managed well, the fast ascending qi can help expedite sickness treatment.

3.2. Earth

“Earth” refers to location. Yin Yang and Five Elements exist in each geographic region.

The strength of yang-qi changes with latitude, and that of yin-qi varies depending on proximity to the sea or rivers. Seasonal changes also differ from one region to another.

Soil components also have a variety of substance particular to different locations, like soil of strong acidity or strong alkalinity.

Depending on natural environment, food crops grown on the same soil are different, too. The same herb medicines, if grown on different soil, will also be different in functionality.

We need to understand and effectively utilize the location-originated differences. The effectiveness of Qigong also depends on where it is practiced. While practicing at a yin location within a strong yang place should be fine, a yang location within a strong yin place is better.

Of course, it is necessary to consider the yin-yang balance in human body. If the body tilted toward yin, then it is necessary to create a balance by absorbing yang.

3.3. Humans

In human body, there are five organs, yin yang and five elements.

The five organs relate to five feelings. The qi of sickness and feelings are strongly connected. For example, intense anger hurts liver. Whatever causes the anger would not make the hurt liver any better.

Regardless of how positively we wish to interpret, it would only get us distracted instead of getting the issue fundamentally solved. The importance lies in tackling what causes the anger, a positive interpretation only conceals the problem and prolongs the agony. What is at stake is solution instead of interpretation.

There are also cases of reverse causality.

There are times when It is not what causes anger that weakens the liver, but a weakening liver makes it easier to get annoyed over trivial things. In this case, too, wishful interpretation will not assign meaning to a solution. Without redressing the situation of a weakening liver, it is not likely to get over the sickness.

While it is possible, in a pre-sickness stage, to prevent unfortunate occurrence derived from excessive feelings, in post-sickness cases it will require a concurrent balance of not only feelings, but also yin and yang, and the five internal organs.

To achieve such a balance, it is critical to follow the Doctrine of the “Mean”.

4. Doctrine of the Mean

The Mean refers to “a state of equilibrium or a middle way that shifts neither left nor right”. When applying Qigong therapy, I always tend to adjust the human body and its internal organs to equilibrium. When the qi of one internal organ exerts too much, I would need to reduce it, and in case of the opposite, I would work to supplement it.

While I always work to balance habits in life, food and emotions, the ideal condition is for a human body to naturally attain equilibrium by itself.

For example, a cow grows up merely by eating grass. Even though the protein and calcium in grass are of minimal quantity, the bio system in the cow’s body duly converts and accumulates what is needed.

In contrast, a human takes medicine when catching a cold and tends to rely on sources from outside instead of from inside. It does not have to be that way if the nutrition and the qi inside the body can be made good use of.

In humans, when the qi of yang gets strong, the body releases yang, while that of yin grows strong, the body acquires yang. Such ability can be acquired through training.

So how do we reach a natural balance? For that, we need to follow the natural rhythm, or the clock time of Heaven.

5. When is the best time for Qigong practice?

While it is commonly believed that since oxygen is essential for exercise, therefore the best time to do sports should be when oxygen is most abundant in the air. I beg to differ.

At what time of day do we get oxygen the most? The common understanding is that the oxygen produced right before photosynthesis ends is the highest in concentration in the air, therefore it should be before the sunset. However, at dusk after a day’s work, we feel tired physically and mentally, and the qi is barely existent, so it is not a good time of the day.

The best time to practice Qigong is in the morning, even though, according to the photosynthesis theory, morning is the time when oxygen’s concentration is low.

I get up at 5 o’clock every morning before the sunrise to start Qigong exercise, and match my own activities with the rhythm of the rising sun. .

For exercise, it is better to add, wherever appropriate, additional stretch to the body in order to make it stronger. Exercising in low oxygen concentration strengthens our lungs. Exercising Qigong in less blessed environment trains the internal organs to better accommodate and withstand harsh environment, thus making the body more robust. That is why we get up at 5 o’clock for Qigong. .

In addition, such time of the day witnesses signs of life in other living organism. A cicada develops from a larva into an imago out of the ground, and sprouts come out from beans – they both take place at this time hour. All these indicate that 5 o’clock in the morning is an optimum time for start of life.

The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine says 3-5 o’clock is the time for clearing or detoxicating lung channels. Lung functions cannot be sufficiently maintained without good rest during this time section. Therefore, sleeping till 5 o’clock is very critical in all seasons.

What needs to mention is that the 5 o’clock here refers to the clock hour in each reader’s time zone, not necessarily in Japan.

There are multiple cases where patients of intractable diseases have regained health by adhering to this doctrine in Qigong practice. There are also opposite cases where the doctrine is not followed and therefore illness recurred. .

6. Medical Cases

6.1. Case 1: Recovery from mental illness leads to job opportunities

A robotics researcher in his 60s had been receiving treatment of mental illness in hospital for 10 years. Though his medical bills’ deductibles amounted to approximately US$26,000 or 3,000,000 yen each year, his medical conditions failed to improve.

Unable to recall people’s names, he was having a severe mental breakdown that he lost his executive position in office.

However, he came to my Qigong Institute, received my therapy, and started to practice Qigong on his own. Soon his medical conditions started to improve, his attitude grew positive, and he had more ideas and greater desire to work.

He initiated contact with his alumni, many of whom were already notable specialists in the same technical field, explained his ideas, won their approval and even began his new research.

His remarkable recovery was attributable to his early rise at 5 o’clock to exercise Qigong. Thanks to his understanding and following of the Doctrine of Heaven, Earth and Humans, he recovered from illness and began a new chapter in life.

The following is an opposite case where the patient failed to understand the doctrine and relapsed.

6.2. Case 2: Recurrence of Manic Depression

A man in his 40s with manic depression for 25 years. Even a famed psychiatrist, his relative, was not able to heal his mental illness. He had been taking 50 pills a day for 16 years.

After he had visited my Qigong Institute for 13 months, he stopped taking all the medications. This was possible not only because of my therapy, but also thanks to his engagement in my self-assisted Qigong workout every morning. His recuperation went well enough to enable him to work again.

But he is hospitalized now.

He no longer came to our Institute nor practiced Qigong in the morning as he used to. We heard that it was his father who told him that “it is fine not to visit Qigong institute (any more)”. As a result, he is in mental hospital again.

It was unfortunate that he healed his illness with hard-practiced Qigong, but believed in blind optimism that “recovery was done and it would be fine without Qigong any more”. Had he watched his conditions closely enough and made a sound judgment, he would have not believed in optimism but have taken due actions to maintain his health.

It is critical for both fitness maintenance and medical treatment to live a life by the Doctrine of Heaven, Earth and Humans. Unless the doctrine is well understood, patients like him will eventually relapse in spite of temporarily amelioration.

The next case is about patient’s family members and helpers who put the right doctrine into practice.

6.3. Multiple near-death scenarios and miracle regrowth of necrotic toes

An 88-year-old lady who succumbed to pulmonary failure 9 years ago when only 20% of her lungs was working and her doctor concluded that she was in critical condition.

I rushed to the hospital to treat her with Qigong therapy, and soon she was able to breathe. And even the tubes that initially transferred oxygen to her at 10 ml/s from a pump were gradually removed.

A few months later, she had heart failure. Once again she was in critical condition, yet survived one more time with my Qigong therapy.

About 18 months since then, she suffered kidney failure which rendered her unable to urinate for multiple days, and left her no choice but to use a catheter. As soon as I unlock the meridian by inserting the qi for kidney, red fluid streamed out from the catheter, and gradually turned from red to pink. After my Qigong therapy, the bladder was not inflated at all. .

A victim of Alzheimer‘s and Parkinson’s diseases, this patient was unable to do Qigong by herself, therefore I had to instruct her family members and care givers to practice it to her every day. Due to the distance between our locations, I can only travel once a month to apply Qigong therapy. And that’s why it is especially important to let the care givers practice Qigong to her.

One day I received a phone call saying that “she stopped breathing and lost consciousness due to her epilepsy.” Right away, I performed Qigong therapy over the phone and instructed her helper to assist, soon symtoms were alleviated.

The patient would not have survived the crises time and again without her surrounding people’s whole hearted understanding and practice of the right doctrine.

This case also demonstrates a fact that a fundamental solution does not necessitate optimistic mentality. Because patients of Alzheimer‘s or Parkinson’s disease are not capable of optimistic interpretation. What we need is positive actions that follow the right doctrine for true recovery from illness.

8 years after her doctor’s conclusion, this patient still lives a decent life in Japan. She is 96 years old now.

In addition, here is yet another story about her miraculous recovery.

The patient suffered from foot gangrene, her feet looked darkish in color with most toes missing. With my Qigong therapy, dark callous on the feet started to peel off and there even sprouted out new toes. Such regrowth is believed to have happened due to the stimulation and manipulation of the qi’s information.

Photo – December 7, 2015

image001 image003

image005 image007

Photo – February 22, 2016


7. The right principles contribute to human progress


There are other cases where patients of arteriosclerosis obliterans suffering from foot gangrene also experienced toe regrowth thanks to Qigong therapy.


Another example was a boy who lost optic nerve over a fall from stairway, but regained his vision up to a clarity level where he could read fine prints on back of a debit card.


A 4-year-old girl suffering from right pulmonary arteries deficiency symptom was once told by doctor that her only choice was to go through an operation that reconnects the artery and the right lung, and more of such operations would be necessary as she grew up. In fact, I healed the illness without letting her undergo any surgeries.


Cases like these are “intractable”, as said by some hospital doctors. However, human beings possess strong self-healing and reproducing power. The key is how to bring it out for our own benefit.


I have realized since a long time ago that it is possible to regain or reproduce human organs’ functionality. During a Qigong seminar in 1988, we once discussed “if a human organ is reproducible like the tail of a lizard”. Doctors present back then had strong reservations, though most doctors today would think affirmative. I owe my early understanding of the regrowth possibility to my faith in the right principles.


The doctrine of Heaven, Earth and Humans, Yin Yang and Five Elements, and the Doctrine of the Mean (the Middle Way) are all fundamental principles of life. By using these principles, we can come to understand many subject matters in the world. They are applicable not only in medical treatment, but also in all aspects of life, politics, economics and sciences.


I have tried these principles and accomplished reproduction of human organs’ functionality that was once thought impossible. These principles definitely promote human progress.