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Cancer Causes: Emotionally-induced Physical Malfunction – Medical Cases and Analyses


世界医学気功学会通訊 青島大明院長論文『癌(ガン)に作用する“気の情報(感情など)”』掲載
Daimei Aoshima (Japan)
In Treatment of Cancer by Qigong, my previous essay, I have described the five aspects in the process of cancer creation and the information in Qi that leads to cancer.

This time we will examine some direct causes of cancer, where emotions and body organs interact with each other including emotionally related “information of Qi”, and the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Emotions, like joy, anger, grief, worry and fear, impact internal organs of body, and can make us sick. Likewise, the health conditions of the internal organs can also affect our emotions.

Emotions like anxiety, fear, disappointment and sorrow, and apprehension arising from misunderstanding of where disease comes from, will create “information of malignant Qi” in the head that passes through meridians to internal organs of the body, causing or catalyzing cancer symptom. Likewise, poor conditions of internal organs affect human’s mental health and create new “information of cancerous Qi” in the head, congesting the collateral flow and worsening the symptom.

Now I will share with you 4 medical cases, two of which were treated with Qigong only, and the other two combined joint efforts from Qigong and Western medicine.

1. Treatment by Qigong only

Case 1: Breast Cancer

40-year-old woman, foot reflexologist.

She divorced her husband after separation for more than a year and had stresses in relations with colleagues and routine workload. She could barely do anything other than to sleep on holidays. Her weight also dropped by 5 – 6 kilograms.

She was suspected to have contracted cancer as her breasts were found abnormal at a physical check in 2004. She was put on probation since then.

On February 1, 2005, a limed substance was detected under a mammogram. Cells were taken on February 14, and the ensuing examination result indicated the presence of cancer at its “0” or initial stage.

A doctor from St. Marianna University School of Medicine Hospital explained to her that even at 0 stage, it was still possible that he choose mastectomy if CT exams showed that the cancer was growing. She also visited National Cancer Center to get a second opinion, there she went through the same exams and was given the same advice.

There was a time when the date of surgery was already set and she decided to go for other non-operational options, because she could not be convinced that a mastectomy would be necessary even at 0 stage.

She had tried various therapies since then but did not see any improvement.

On April 14, 2005, she began her first Qigong therapy. She gave up her own lopsided diet rules, as I requested, and started to receive Daimei Qigong treatment and to practice at home Dayangong and exercises for other body organs in both mornings and evenings.

Initially she looked uneasy and scared of the disease, but as she attended more seminars and talked with people who qigonged away their cancer, she became mentally stronger and believed that “she can heal it by herself” and “cancer is not scary”.

After my treatment, her lump in breast grew softer, smaller and barely detectable by hand.

While she preferred not to visit hospitals due to past unpleasant experience in physical checkups, I still suggested that she go for an exam so that she could ascertain her conditions. On March 31, 2008, she did take CT, X-Ray and blood tests, and was told that “no abnormality or breast cancer was found”.

Her cancer was believed to be primarily caused by turmoil in her life and physical fatigue that made it easier for her to receive malignant Qi via foot massage.

Case 2: Liver Cancer

88-year-old man, entrepreneur.

He contracted Hepatitis C in the blood transfusion at a duodenal ulcer surgery 46 years ago. Feeling the lack of strength from time to time, he took an ultrasound exam and CT test on May 2005 and found cancers in liver. At that time, he could barely walk without a hand from others.

An RFA (radiofrequency ablation) at hospital had only cured the cancer for a limited time before a recurrence was detected.

After consulting with his brother, his son, a dentist, believed that given the age of his father, it would be better to look for a therapy that would not impact the body as in western medicine. The son chose Qigong.

His first treatment was in February 2006.

Soon he was able to repeat all by himself the Qigong for the head as often as instructed, and proactively counted in writing how many times he had practiced.

While his doctor predicted that his remaining time would be “around three months”, he gradually became healthier after three months of practicing Qigong.

More than one year has passed, he only takes regular exams at hospital. Now he looks great, walks fast, and has grown so fit that he can ride bicycle.

Looking back at his initial stage of cancer, he was obsessed with inner problems and always felt “tired”.

When I went to his home to blockade malignant Qi in 2006, I explained that it was possible that the home structure would adversely impact his health, thereafter the family decided to remodel the house. Thanks to the family’s trust in me and their encouragement to him, he was able to build faith in healing himself with Qigong.

Even though we have not solved his inner problems that frustrate his mind, he has learned how to deal with them himself.

While a medical exam on October 7, 2008 showed that the cancer was still there, his doctor found it astonishing that it did not get bigger and he was in good shape.

His case was liver cancer coming from Hepatitis C. He used to be easily annoyed, but now the temperament has become more stabled. When people get upset, it creates malignant Qi in the head and hurts liver, making it easier to generate cancer. I only treated him five times, it is more thanks to his passionate exercise of Qigong that expelled the malignant Qi of liver cancer.

2. Treatment by Qigong and Western Medicine

Case 3: Malignant Lymphoma

66-year-old man, company executive.

In 1996, after his father-in-law died of colon cancer, he inherited parents-in-law’s asset and business while maintaining his own work in city road expansion. He traveled between his home in Chiba and his wife’s family in Aichi, keeping a hectic schedule everyday.

In August 2000, parents-in-law’s business went bankrupt and stood nowhere to locate a buyer. He finally sold it to a funeral company in December in spite of relatives’ opposition.

Exhausted both mentally and physically, he started to find difficulty in urinating, felt very easy to get tired, and witnessed edema in lower body. He did not visit the doctor, and believed it was just due to his busy schedule.

In January 2001, health conditions worsened so much that he could not stand it any more. A hospital examination detected a large tumor in his central abdomen connecting to spleen, kidney and liver, and other tumors in multiple locations around the abdomen. The diagnosis: a malignant lymphoma at stage IV.

For five months, he received a 6-course treatment with anti-cancer drugs in hospital. But the pain in the process only served to worsen his physical and mental conditions.

By the way, the accountant, who worked hard with him in inheriting and terminating his parents-in-law’s business, also succumbed to malignant lymphoma and passed away.

A visit to his brother who also had cancer further deteriorated his conditions.

He felt more depressed after his brother died in April 2001.

His first Qigong treatment was done in hospital in February 2001, right before his anti-cancer drug course started. After that, he still continued to practice Qigong for the head and kidney as much as possible.

When he left hospital in June 2001, his conditions were like “only a small lump of malignant lymphoma stays in the body”, as the doctor said. He felt a little relieved.

In April 2002 when he was still recuperating, he joined the commemorating event for his brother, and found his health going worse afterwards. In the meantime, he was also handling follow-up errands for his terminated business.

In 2003, the company he had been working for went bankrupt (he was managing a subsidiary at the time), and tremendously saddened his heart.

In June 2003, a PET detected an abnormality around his spleen, indicating a recurrence of cancer.

He was hospitalized again and given treatments like anti-cancer drugs, radiation therapy and auto graft. Ten months later, he left hospital and his doctor said that the disease was completely healed.

In fact, he did manage to come to my institute while hospitalized, and kept practicing Qigong for the head and kidney. After he left hospital, he visited us once a week or every other week.

When under strong anti-cancer drugs and auto graft, he lost all flavor tastes except for salt. It took him as long as ten months to recover those tastes. His legs grew stiff and could hardly maintain strength, more so on his second hospitalization than on his first. Every time his situation worsened, I would treat it with Qigong, and he would feel better.

He later studied Dayangong and started practicing everyday.

Six months after he left hospital, he could sometimes even play golf. Now he is living a normal life like everyone.

It is not common to be able to recover from recurrence of malignant lymphoma, but he did get better. Right now in 2008, a blood test showed no abnormality and the doctor commented from a film diagnosis that his conditions look “quite stable”. This means that there has been no recurrence in the past 4 years.

His case was attributed to a combination of apprehension and physical fatigue, which made it easier for him to be impacted by the malignant Qi of cancer. His recuperation owed not only to the Qigong treatment, but also to his family’s strong support and to the western medicinal therapy that was applied in the meantime.

3. Treatment by Qigong, Western Medicine and Chemotherapy

Case 4: Live Cancer and Recurrence

67-year-old woman, housewife.

First breast cancer was found more than 20 years ago. Since that was an early detection, only a minimal lumpectomy was performed.

In 2001 a lung cancer was diagnosed. That was an early detection, too. Given the lump size was as small as a grain of rice, it could also be inflammation. But after a 3-month observation, the lump had grown bigger, therefore was removed by operation.

In March 2008, abnormality was found out of a regular medical exam and the doctor explained on March 20 that this was a “recurrence of cancer”.

CT and echography detected a 1.5cm liver cancer. The location is very close to bones so an operation would require a large amount of preparation. Leucocytes were high in blood test as well.

Doctors chose to put her under observation for a while, using anti-cancer drugs with mild side effects. If no improvement were to show, they would apply drugs with strong side effects that may cause hair loss.

The echography in May, 2 months later, found the cancer had grown to 1.8cm, but the same test in July indicated that the size had not changed.

Qigong treatment began immediately after her cancer recurrence. At that time, she was highly depressed. I explained that Qigong was sufficient to heal cancer and encouraged her to keep on trying. Initially she practiced for her husband who suffered from dementia, but gradually she did it for herself and enthusiastically studied Qigong for the head and Dayangong 64. She always kept the 3-minute timer around and practiced whenever time was due.

Usually, a side effect of anti-cancer drugs is that skin of hands, feet and face would turn darker, but she did not have it. Her doctor even complimented that her “skin was very strong”.

In October, another echography was conducted. Even though the doctor spent more time than usual, he said he “did not see cancer anywhere”.

The cause in her case was that she tended to worry too often. Even when her husband’s dementia was getting better, she still thought it might get worse again, therefore the malignant Qi in the head accumulated and led to cancer. In addition, the recurrence frightened her from head to toe and increased psychological pressure as well as the size of the cancer.

It was only after she understood Qigong and how cancer was created that she began to change her mentality, practiced with passion and finally had herself healed.


Whoever received the “Qi’s information” from a cancer patient, he has acquired the ability to create cancer. People who are close to each other, like family members, relatives and friends are particularly receptive to each other’s “information”. Besides, body contact, if not done right, would also make it easier to receive unwelcome information.

The least preferable way of body contact is to face squarely towards a patient, because the malignant Qi comes from his feet.

Among all accupoints, Laogong and Tianmu (a third eye) are more receptive to malignant Qi, therefore wearing metal bracelets on both hands can slow down the flow of Qi, and turning hands into fists can block the entrance of malignant information. In China, as in India where Tianmu is called Chakra, covering forehead by something red can block the accupoints from intrusion of “malignant Qi”.

The most critical thing, however, is to make our inner Qi stronger by practicing Qigong. This way, we will face less “information of malignant Qi” and be able to process it by ourselves.

We know from research that the word “cancer” or “ai” was created in China some 2,000 years ago, which means that cancer already existed back then, but it did not increase as radically as it does today. Even though western medicine has achieved tremendous progress and people have spent huge resources in treatment, cancer is still growing now.

This could be because the western medicine is more focused on where the cancer is instead of understanding why cancer cells were created. The key to the solution is how to stay away from “the information of malignant Qi”.

For example, mass media’s reports on people died of cancer generate a myth that cancer is an “incurable disease” or “disease of death”, which in turn terrorizes the current cancer patients.

Thus it is important to have the right knowledge about cancer. In general, everyone can make and kill cancer cells. And there are many cases where treatment worked without western medicinal therapies like surgery or anti-cancer drugs.

It is also important to maintain a healthy mind to keep the Qi of meridians in the head in good condition. This will not only heal mind-related diseases, but also strengthen other body organs like heart, kidney and liver.

A specific way to achieve this is to practice Dayangong and take in the benign Qi so as to promote the circulation of meridians.

A critical step is to drive the circulation of Zhoutian and the meridians in the head. To circulate Zhoutian by my methodology, use fingers to go from the tail bone up along the spine and down to Dantian. To improve meridians in the head, locate the meridians at 45 degrees from Baihui and turn right.

Such practice will help prevent and beat cancer cells, you are welcome to have a try.


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